September 12, 2017

This training focused on the growing area of debt collection resulting from stays in nursing home facilities. The training reviewed potential bases for liability for a nursing home resident or their families, preemptive strategies to avoid the creation of unnecessary debt, and strategies for defending these lawsuits. The training focused on how to help clients plan for a nursing home stay to avoid debt, particularly for family members who might later be pursued for debt, including an overview of the type of paperwork family members might be asked to sign when admitting someone to a nursing home, the various insurance programs that might come into play, and pitfalls that could lead to the creation of additional debt. The second section of the training focused on defending debt collection lawsuits, emphasizing identifying defenses to these suits.


Sarah Rosenthal, New York Legal Assistance Group

Michelle Weinberg, Consumer Practice Group

Moderator:  April Kuehnhoff, National Consumer Law Center


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