May 7, 2014

By most economic measures older adults of color and LGBT elders are aging into poverty. Recent research highlights that over 90% of older African American and Latino elders are financially vulnerable and will be unable to support themselves over the course of their lifetime. Elders of color report greater difficulty in affording necessities, such as food, health care, and housing, than the general population. For LGBT older adults, a lifetime of employment discrimination and other factors contribute to disproportionately high poverty rates. Social Security provides an important safety net but without this source of income, 53% of African Americans, 49% of Latinos, and 19% of Asian elders would fall below the poverty line. However, these are the very groups that will collect fewer benefits. Lower Social Security benefits also contribute to a 20% poverty rate for Native American recipients. This webinar will discuss the economic and social challenges adults of color and LGBT elders face as they age. The focus will be on programs and policy solutions that can help ameliorate the dire economic challenges they face.

Additional sponsorship for this webinar is provided by a grant from the Administration for Community Living. This webinar is part of a series of the National Elder Rights Training Project webinars for the National Legal Resource Center.

This webinar is also part of a series on “Rebuilding Wealth and Economic Opportunity in Communities of Color” sponsored by NCLCs initiative on Racial Justice & Equal Economic Opportunity. Visit:

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