//Urge the U.S. Senate to Uphold Strong Robocall Consumer Protections

Urge the U.S. Senate to Uphold Strong Robocall Consumer Protections


Congress is moving on legislation to stop unwanted robocalls off our cell phones and it is at a critical juncture.

The House just passed the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act and telemarketers, scammers, and debt collectors are officially on notice! Now it is critical that your U.S. Senators hear from consumers like you abused by harassing and disruptive robocalls.

Tell Your U.S. Senators to support a comprehensive bill that will stop unwanted robocalls with strong consumer protections.

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In a near-unanimous bipartisan vote, the U.S. House of Representatives just passed the strongest anti-robocall legislation in decades. The Stopping Bad Robocalls Act now heads to the Senate, where similar but less comprehensive legislation was passed. But robocallers are hard at work lobbying Senators to scrap parts of the House legislation and significantly weaken its consumer protections. We need you to weigh in now and insist the Senate keep key parts of the House rule intact to effectively stop unwanted robocalls.

Send a message to your Senators urging them to keep a strong bill to finally end the scourge of unwanted robocalls.

With robocall legislation, the devil is in the details. While both the House and Senate bills address caller ID spoofing/disguising, the House’s Stopping Bad Robocalls Act also requires robocallers to have consent before calling and holds them legally accountable to stop calling when consumers say “stop.”

Tell your U.S. Senators to force robocallers to get our consent before calling and to stop calling when we say stop!

Email or call your Senators right now and tell them to:

  • Close all loopholes to stop unwanted robocalls,
  • Require enhanced caller authentication to stop ID spoofing, and
  • Require robocallers to have your consent before calling or texting and to stop when you say “stop.”

Other Actions You Can Take


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