Case Consultations

NCLC offers consultations to practitioners representing low-income California clients on consumer issues. Technical assistance is also provided in the form of NCLC’s expert testimony, and by NCLC co-counseling or referring cases to other California consumer lawyers.


NCLC provides consumer law training for legal services programs, private lawyers, pro bono programs, and government agencies in our state. A number of eligible California attorneys will be awarded partial scholarships to attend NCLC’s annual four-day Consumer Rights Litigation Conference and additional trainings.


NCLC runs a listserv for California-based legal services attorneys and other nonprofit advocates to share information and collaborate on legal issues facing low-income consumers.

Policy Advocacy

NCLC engages in legislative advocacy on behalf of low income clients and responds to requests for information within our expertise from the media and policymakers.

Public Education

NCLC develops educational brochures, analyses, and other special reports on issues important to California consumers. 

Special Projects 

NCLC can undertake special projects targeting specific abuses and issues or special populations, including absent class members, designed to bring greater fairness and justice to the consumer marketplace.

We know that, as we build and support the practices of a growing body of California consumer attorneys, we are expanding low-income consumers’ access to the protections of consumer law.


Lauren Saunders, Managing Attorney of NCLC’s Washington, DC office, is the Director of the California Consumer Justice Initiative.