Racial Justice

Julie FisherPresenter: Julie Fisher-Rowe, Opportunity Agenda

In our efforts to persuade policy makers and general audiences to act on the issues we care about, we often encounter one recurring barrier: fear. Some audience members are worried, anxious and scared about a number of issues facing the country today. We need to be strategic in our communication and tell an affirmative, positive story that moving forward is more important than ever.

In this webinar, Julie Fisher-Rowe of the Opportunity Agenda, a communications firm focused on social justice, will present messaging research designed to counter these fear narratives with positive stories about values, diversity, contributions and participation. The Opportunity Agenda will share what it has learned about audiences, values, important themes, and tested language. And finally, they will provide a few ideas about how to move these audiences to positive action in today's climate.



Event Date 04-27-2017 2:00 pm
Event End Date 04-27-2017 3:30 pm
ow smPresenters:

Odette Williamson (left), National Consumer Law Center and Sarah Bolling Mancini, National Consumer Law Center

Land installment contracts, also known as "contracts for deed," have long been a poor replacement for mortgage loans in credit-starved communities. In these transactions, the purchaser is required to take on all the obligations of homeownership, while making monthly payments to the seller, but can be evicted like a tenant for missing a single payment. Now, Wall Street-backed investors are using these transactions to turn a profit off the glut of foreclosed homes around the country.

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Event Date 09-15-2016 2:00 pm
Event End Date 09-15-2016 3:30 pm
Presenters: Thomas Shapiro and Amy Troub
Presenters: Thomas Shapiro (Director, Institute on Assets and Social Policy, The Heller School, Brandies University) and Amy Traub (Senior Policy Analyst, DEMOS)

Historical discrimination and the financial devastation of the Great Recession has led to extreme wealth inequality and a widening racial wealth gap between households of color and white households. Advocates and policymakers seek to develop policies to build wealth and opportunity in households of color and close the gap.

Researchers from Demos and Brandies University's Institute on Assets and Social Policy have introduced a new tool - the Racial Wealth Audit - to evaluate the impact of various policies on the wealth gap between white, African-American, and Latino households.



Event Date 05-19-2016 2:00 pm
Event End Date 05-19-2016 3:00 pm
Recently, ProPublica published, "The Color of Debt", a first-of-its-kind analysis that showed that debt collection lawsuits are far more common in black communities than white ones. This webinar will cover the details of ProPublica's analysis of court data, explore what trends emerged among the different types of companies filing suits over consumer debt, and discuss possible causes for the racial disparity in lawsuits.

Presenters: Paul Kiel (Reporter, ProPublica) and April Kuehnhoff (Staff Attorney, National Consumer Law Center)


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Event Date 12-01-2015 2:00 pm
Event End Date 12-01-2015 3:00 pm
Come and learn about the federal Lifeline program, which was established to ensure that low-income households are connected to the modern communication network. Learn about the importance of this program for elders and communities of color as the program, which focuses on helping households afford phone service, is in the midst of a "reboot" to include internet access. This session will cover the basics about the Lifeline program as well as the current rulemaking to modernize the program to include broadband service. We will also touch on other federal initiatives to connect low-income households, including elders and communities of color, to affordable, essential voice and internet service.

Speakers: Michael J. Scurato, Vice President, Policy (National Hispanic Media Coalition); Julie Nepveu, Sr. Attorney (AARP Foundation Litigation) and Olivia Wein, Lead Telecom Project Attorney (National Consumer Law Center)

Additional sponsorship for this Webinar is provided by a grant from the Administration on Aging/Administration for Community Living. This webinar is part of a series of National Elder Rights Training Project webinars for the National Legal Resource Center.


Event Date 08-31-2015 2:00 pm
Event End Date 08-31-2015 3:30 pm
Ed Mierzwinski from PIRG; David Robinson and Harlan Yu from Robinson & Yu LLC; and Persis Yu from NCLC
Event Date 06-03-2014 2:00 pm
Event End Date 06-03-2014 3:30 pm
Chi Chi Wu, Staff Attorney, National Consumer Law Center; Deidre Swesnik, Director of Public Policy and Communications, National Fair Housing Alliance
Event Date 05-20-2014 2:00 pm
Event End Date 05-20-2014 3:30 pm