Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins Briefs


Fair Credit Reporting Act  ||  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  ||  Truth in Lending and Mortgage Related 
 Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  ||  Other 

Sample briefs addressing Spokeo in consumer-side cases from around the nation are available below. Relevant briefs may be submitted to NCLC’s Director of Litigation Stuart Rossman at spokeo-upload@nclc.org. Please submit a Word version and a PDF of the document as filed with the court, including the date stamp. Note: NCLC has neither proofread nor edited submitted materials.

Model Language for Spokeo Briefs

Model language for Spokeo briefs, with statute specific arguments focusing on the nature of harm as it applies to various aspects of consumer law, are available below.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Truth in Lending and Mortgage Related

Telephone Consumer Protection Act