On behalf of our low-income clients, we are monitoring the following legislative activities. Visit for the status of a bill or to contact a member by phone or email (or call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121). You can find out who your representative is here, and Members’ Twitter handles are here.

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NCLC 2021 Federal Priorities

117th Congress (2021-22)

Access to Justice

  • Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act (Rep. H. Johnson). Support Letter.

Debt Collection

  • H.R. 1491 (Rep. Dean), Fair Debt Collection Practices for Servicemembers Act. Support.
  • H.R. 1671 (Rep. Bonamici), to amend the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to safeguard access to information for consumers and to stop abusive debt litigation, and for other purposes. Support.
  • H.R. 2458 (Rep. Auchincloss), Non-Judicial Foreclosure Debt Collection Clarification Act. Support.
  • H.R. 2547 (Waters), Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act. Support Letter.
  • S. 355 (Sen. Van Hollen), COVID–19 Medical Debt Collection Relief Act of 2021. Support.

Deposit Accounts

Student Loans

  • S. 210 (Sens. Rubio, Warren), Protecting JOBs Act. Support.


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