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shark payday loan

Help reel in predatory payday loans!

Tell Congress not to block the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s rule that reins in 300% APR loans that trap families in a cycle of debt.

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robocalls take action

Stop Robocalls to Cell Phones!

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Defend Class Actions!

Defend CFPB

Save the CFPB!

Urge the FCC to keep and strengthen its rules against robocalls to cell phones. 
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Oppose bills to gut class actions, an essential tool to provide relief to individuals harmed by widespread violations of the law. 
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Take action to stop Wall Street and predatory lenders from weakening America’s consumer watchdog!
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lsc legal aid

Save civil legal aid funding!

arb get out of jail free card med

End Forced Arbitration!

wall street

Save Public Protections!

Urge Congress to preserve access to justice for all Americans by funding civil legal aid.
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Tell Congress to reject fine print clauses that deny victims their day in court and give wrongdoers a get-out-of-jail free card.
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The risky Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA) threatens financial, safety, and other public protections. Tell Congress: #GoAwayRAA.
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