Tell the FCC and Congress to keep & strengthen rules against robocalls


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Do you want to keep unwanted robocalls off your cell phone? Industries want to bombard you with calls and are pushing the FCC to weaken the rules against making prerecorded or autodialed calls or sending text messages to your cell phone without your permission. Tell the FCC and Congress to stop these unwanted robocalls to cell phones.

Tell Congress and the FCC to Protect You from Robocalls || Other actions you can take

Just this past year, more than  4 million consumers complained to government agencies about robocalls to their cell phones. A federal law – the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) - prohibits robocalls to cell phones without the called party’s consent, and imposes penalties on callers who violate the law. But the law - and the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) rules implementing the law - are under attack from the industry that wants to make these calls without your consent, and after you have told the callers to stop.

Telemarketers, debt collectors, student loan servicers, banks, financial service providers, and their high-paid lobbyists are pushing Congress and the FCC to weaken consumer protections and open the floodgates to allow these calls without penalty.

SEND YOUR COMMENTS TO CONGRESS AND THE FCC urging not to make exceptions to the rule against making robocalls to your cell phone without your permission, and urging it to uphold, strengthen, and enforce the TCPA.   YOUR COMMENTS  TO THE FCC WILL BE FILED IN A PUBLIC PROCEEDING. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION, SUCH AS A LOAN NUMBER OR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

Tell the FCC:

  • Keep and strengthen the rules against unwanted robocalls and text messages to cell phones
  • Do not make exceptions for any industries or types of calls
  • Tell your personal story. Include the approximate number of calls you received and who called you (a debt collector, student loan servicer, mortgage servicer, telemarketer, etc.) Include the name of the company, if possible.]

AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR COMMENTS TO THE FCC, COPY AND PASTE IT BELOW TO SEND IT TO YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Your email will be sent directly to your Senators and Congressional Representative.

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Other Actions You Can Take

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