State Mediation Programs

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–  Supervised Programs
–  Unupervised Programs

Model Documents

Model Foreclosure Mediation/Diversion Statute (Judicial Foreclosure State)

Model Foreclosure Mediation/Diversion Statute (Non Judicial Foreclosure State)

Model Statute: Requirement for Loan Modification Analysis/Loss Mitigation Before Foreclosure

Memorandum on Federal and State Constitutional Issues Related to Foreclosure Mediation/Diversion

Model Form for Summary Data of Loan Modifications from Mediations/Conference

Pending Mediation Legislation

Pending Bills Involving Foreclosure Mediation and Mandatory Loss Mitigation Review

Court Decisions

Court Decisions

Mediation Reports, Briefs and Press Releases

Rebuilding America How States Can Save Millions of Homes Through Foreclosure Mediation
, Feb. 6, 2012 Press Release

Recent Developments in Foreclosure Mediation, January 2011

State and Local Foreclosure Mediation Programs: Updates and New Developments, January 2010

State and Local Foreclosure Mediation Programs: Can They Save Homes?, September 2009

Mediation Tools and Other Resources

FAQs on FDIC Loan Modification-in-a-Box

FDIC Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator – An NPV calculation may assist in evaluating the costs of loan modification compared to foreclosure.



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