Joining The NCLC Legacy Society can be one of the ways your life can impact the next generation, and beyond. A legacy gift is simply a charitable contribution from your estate, which can take a variety of forms – including charitable bequests, gifts from IRAs and other retirement accounts, beneficiary designations in life insurance policies, and more – to create a lasting impact on consumer justice that will extend far into the future. Legacy gifts can be designed to accommodate each individual’s unique circumstances, and a donor always has the right to modify a legacy gift in the future if necessary.

I’ve included NCLC in my estate plan because I know how essential its work is to continued progress toward economic justice in our nation. I am proud to be a member of The NCLC Legacy Society, and hope you will join me in leaving a legacy for consumer justice.

Mike Greenfield, George Alexander Madill Professor of
Contracts and Commercial Law at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

Please contact Paul Laurent at [email protected] when you’re next thinking about estate planning, whether you have a quick question, are looking for planning resources, or want to discuss gift, estate, or tax-planning in-depth. We are deeply grateful to all members of the NCLC Legacy Society, and to all who consider making NCLC a part of their lasting legacy.

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