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Limiting Confidentiality in Mortgage Litigation

Confidentiality issues in mortgage litigation arise frequently. From the early stages of discovery through final settlements, lenders and servicers routinely ask practitioners and clients to keep secrets. But, do these requests go too far? Does the servicers protective order [...]

Who Owns the Note?: A Securitization Primer

Since the turn of the century, the majority of residential loans have been securitized with the mortgage loans being transferred numerous time as they move through the securitization process. This session will delve into the Uniform Commercial Code--articles 1, [...]

Saving Homes in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one of the most effective tools for preventing foreclosure. From the automatic stay to the ability to cure mortgage arrears, bankruptcy can help save homes. But the power of bankruptcy goes beyond these two critical provisions. Any [...]

Medley of Mortgage Issues

Medley of Mortgage Issues: In this webinar, our presenters will provide updates on various mortgage-related programs including FHA loss mitigation, new reverse mortgage rules, the applicability of the ATR rule for successors in interest, deficiency judgments, and an overview [...]

Saving the Family Home After Death or Divorce

The family home is often viewed as a pillar of stability and economic well-being. But, death and divorce are two events that can rock families to their core. These events are often coupled with financial distress and can lead [...]

Getting Loan Mods for Successors in Interest

This webinar will review the existing guidance and developing caselaw on the rights of successors in interest (heirs, divorcing spouses, and other intra-family transferees) to assume and modify mortgage loans. This Webinar is provided by the National Consumer Law [...]