Terry Hammond (Terry W. Hammond & Associates), Sally Hurme (AARP), Naomi Karp (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Office of Older Americans), Erica Wood (ABA Commission on Law and Aging)
Event Date 12-07-2011
Event End Date 12-07-2011
Cut off date 12-07-2011
Lauren Saunders (NCLC), Andrew Pizor (NCLC)
Event Date 11-29-2011
Event End Date 11-29-2011
Cut off date 11-29-2011

Robert Hobbs (NCLC)

Event Date 10-13-2011
Event End Date 10-13-2011
Cut off date 10-13-2011
Doug Heller (Consumer Watchdog), John W. Van Alst (NCLC)
Event Date 09-22-2011
Event End Date 09-22-2011
Cut off date 09-22-2011

Robert Hobbs (NCLC), Robert Murphy (Law Offices of Robert W. Murphy). Claudia Wilner (Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP)

Event Date 07-22-2011
Event End Date 07-22-2011
Cut off date 07-22-2011
Rebekah Cook-Mack (South Brooklyn Legal Services), Kent Qian (National Housing Law Project), Adam Cohen (MFY Legal Services)
Event Date 06-29-2011
Event End Date 06-29-2011
Cut off date 06-29-2011
John Hotz (Pension Rights Center), Justin Freeborn (Western States Pension Assistance Project)
Event Date 06-22-2011
Event End Date 06-22-2011
Cut off date 06-22-2011
Lori A. Stiegel (ABA Commission on Law & Aging), Erica F. Wood (ABA Commission on Law & Aging)
Event Date 06-08-2011
Event End Date 06-08-2011
Cut off date 06-08-2011

Carol Crecy (Administration On Aging), Barbara Dieker (Administration On Aging), Valerie Soroka (Administration On Aging), Margaret Schaefer (Legal Aid of Nebraska)

Event Date 05-25-2011
Event End Date 05-25-2011
Cut off date 05-25-2011
Thomas D. Domonoske (Legal Aid Justice Center), Andrew Ault (Indiana Legal Services), John W. Van Alst (NCLC)
Event Date 05-12-2011
Event End Date 05-12-2011
Cut off date 05-12-2011