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The Fine Art of Balancing Protection with Self Determination

Research shows that empowering individuals to actively participate in personal decision making improves life outcomes and can reduce the risk of abuse and exploitation. There is a risk of abuse and exploitation in all models of decision making for [...]

U.S. Department of Justice and Fraud Schemes Targeting Older Americans

Attorneys from the Department of Justices Consumer Protection Branch will describe fraud schemes targeting older Americans, including Jamaican lottery scams and large-scale psychic schemes. The crimes, perpetrated through mass mailings and telemarketing, affect hundreds of thousands of U.S. consumers. [...]

Debt Relief Services Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

Older adults are increasingly entering retirement with large amounts of unsecured debt. Whether student loans or credit cards, the pressure of trying to pay these bills on a limited income makes older adults susceptible to debt relief scams. Debt [...]

Supporting Grandfamilies

Grandfamilies or kinship families are raising 2.5 million children, and a fourth of all children in foster care. Grandparents, other extended family members and close family friends step forward, often at a moment’s notice, to raise these children. Research [...]