Domestic Violence

NCLC conducts trainings for attorneys, advocates, and policymakers. Our workshops are in-depth and provide detailed training materials and resource guides.

Consulting Services. As resources permit, NCLC offers on-going technical assistance and support to advocates for domestic violence survivors. Our experts keep up with the latest developments in consumer law and can help advocates respond to the most current abuses. For more information contact NCLC at (617) 542-8010.

Rebecca Henry (ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence), Bonnie Brandl (National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life), Barbara Dieker (Administration on Aging), Odette Williamson (National Consumer Law Center)
Event Date 04-11-2012
Event End Date 04-11-2012
Cut off date 04-11-2012

David Godfrey (American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging), Donald M. Saunders (National Legal Aid and Defender Association), Fay Gordon (Grassroots & Public Policy) Brian W. Lindberg, (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys)

Event Date 02-08-2012
Event End Date 02-08-2012
Cut off date 02-08-2012

Robert Hobbs (NCLC)

Event Date 10-13-2011
Event End Date 10-13-2011
Cut off date 10-13-2011
Lori A. Stiegel (ABA Commission on Law & Aging), Erica F. Wood (ABA Commission on Law & Aging)
Event Date 06-08-2011
Event End Date 06-08-2011
Cut off date 06-08-2011

Carol Crecy (Administration On Aging), Barbara Dieker (Administration On Aging), Valerie Soroka (Administration On Aging), Margaret Schaefer (Legal Aid of Nebraska)

Event Date 05-25-2011
Event End Date 05-25-2011
Cut off date 05-25-2011
Leah A. Plunkett (NCLC), Erika A. Sussman (Center for Survivor Agency & Justice)
Event Date 12-14-2010
Event End Date 12-14-2010
Cut off date 12-14-2010

Urvi Neelakantan (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond), Martin Schwartz (Vehicles for Change), Evelyn Blumenberg ((UCLA), John Van Alst (NCLC)

Event Date 12-09-2010
Event End Date 12-09-2010
Cut off date 12-09-2010

Mark H. Steinbach (O'Toole, Rothwell, Nassau & Steinbach), John Van Alst (NCLC), Mary C. Lobdell (Consumer Protection Division – WA AG’s Office)

Event Date 09-16-2010
Event End Date 09-16-2010
Cut off date 09-16-2010

Chris Kukla (CRL), John Van Alst, Stuart Rossman (NCLC)

Event Date 08-19-2010
Event End Date 08-19-2010
Cut off date 08-19-2010

Leah Plunkett (NCLC), Sarah Mattson (NewHampshire Legal Assistance), Leslie Parrish (Center for Responsible Lending), Jay Speer (Virginia Poverty Law Center)

Event Date 07-15-2010
Event End Date 07-15-2010
Cut off date 07-15-2010