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Updates to Covid-19 Relief Options for FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac Borrowers

2021-09-23T16:57:36-05:00September 23, 2021|Categories: Foreclosures & Mortgages, Webinars|

September 22, 2021 Between June 24 and July 23, federal agencies issued over a dozen updates related to loss mitigation policies that apply to borrowers facing COVID-19 hardships. This included a full revision to the waterfall of options for FHA-insured loans and critical adjustments to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s loan modification policies. This webinar [...]

Overview of the CFPB’s Covid-19 RESPA Rule

2021-08-27T15:20:08-05:00August 27, 2021|Categories: Foreclosures & Mortgages, Webinars|

August 26, 2021 On June 28, 2021, the CFPB released a final rule under RESPA that includes important protections for homeowners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The rule, which takes effect August 31, 2021, imposes procedural safeguards that limit servicers’ ability to initiate foreclosure through December 31, 2021. It also sets out enhanced early intervention [...]

An Introduction to CARES Post-Forbearance Options

2020-09-02T19:46:59-05:00June 1, 2020|Categories: Foreclosures & Mortgages, Webinars|

May 28, 2020 This session will provide an introduction to post-forbearance options for borrowers obtaining mortgage relief under the CARES Act.  The program will review options available through FHA and the GSEs based on the most recent guidance and information available. Speakers: Andrea Bopp Stark, Attorney at the National Consumer Law Center Tara Twomey, Of [...]

Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Issues in the Covid-19 Pandemic

2021-07-22T10:57:15-05:00May 22, 2020|Categories: Foreclosures & Mortgages, Webinars|

May 21, 2020 This webinar will discuss the home-saving options for reverse mortgage borrowers and non-borrowing spouses, including specific updates about Covid-19 related protections. Speakers: Sarah Bolling Mancini, Staff Attorney at the National Consumer Law Center Odette Williamson, Staff Attorney at the National Consumer Law Center

Forbearance Options and CARES Act Requirements

2020-05-21T13:11:45-05:00May 18, 2020|Categories: Foreclosures & Mortgages, Webinars|

May 14, 2020 In this session, we will go into more depth about the language of the CARES Act and the ways different government entities are implementing its requirements. We will also touch on how servicers are handling forbearance requests, and strategies to deal with servicer noncompliance. Speakers: John Rao, Staff Attorney at the National [...]

Toxic Transactions: How Land Installment Contracts Once Again Threaten Communities of Color

2019-02-20T13:13:49-05:00September 15, 2016|Categories: Foreclosures & Mortgages, Racial Justice|

September 15, 2016 Speakers: Odette Williamson,  National Consumer Law Center and Sarah Bolling Mancini, National Consumer Law Center Land installment contracts, also known as "contracts for deed," have long been a poor replacement for mortgage loans in credit-starved communities. In these transactions, the purchaser is required to take on all the obligations of homeownership, while making monthly [...]

Discrimination in the Manufactured Housing Industry: An Inside Look at Abusive Lending and Collection Practices by the Nation’s Largest Mobile Home Company

2019-02-20T13:38:10-05:00March 22, 2016|Categories: Foreclosures & Mortgages, Racial Justice|

A recent article by the Seattle Times and Buzzfeed News has exposed discriminatory practices by the nation’s largest manufactured housing company, Clayton Homes and its lending subsidiaries Vanderbilt Mortgage and 21st Mortgage. The article alleges that borrowers of color were steered into higher-rate loans, rushed at loan closing, charged substantially higher rates, on average, than [...]

Discovery: Getting the Information You Need

2019-02-20T15:02:55-05:00October 6, 2015|Categories: Foreclosures & Mortgages|

Discovery plays a key role in mortgage litigation.  The focus on this program will be on what information is available from mortgage servicers and other possible parties, but we’ll also touch on electronic (ESI) discovery and protective orders. Presenters: Kai Richter (Nichols Kaster, PLLP) and  Tara Twomey (National Consumer Law Center) This Webinar is provided [...]

Part 1: Litigation and Other Strategies to Help Reverse Mortgage Surviving Spouses

2020-01-21T08:29:19-05:00March 19, 2015|Categories: Elder Rights, Foreclosures & Mortgages|

Advocates representing widows or widowers that were left off of a reverse mortgage loan taken out by their spouses have been struggling to keep foreclosure at bay. While the Plunkett litigation is ongoing, HUD has long promised a solution addressing this issue for all non-borrowing spouses. With the issuance of Mortgagee Letter 2015-03, it is [...]