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Using Bankruptcy Law to Provide Relief from Criminal Legal System Debt

May 13, 2021 This webinar will examine the burden of criminal legal system debt on individuals and communities, and guide participants through the benefits and limitations that the Bankruptcy Code presents. Speakers: Amreeta Mathai, American Civil Liberties Union Geoff Walsh, Staff Attorney at the National Consumer Law Center Andrea Bopp Stark, Staff Attorney at the [...]

Litigating Bail Cases: Using Consumer Laws to Challenge Commercial Bail Industry Practices

2020-07-23T17:50:21-05:00July 23, 2020|Categories: Criminal Debt Justice, Webinars|

July 23, 2020 Lawsuits across the country are challenging commercial bail systems. This webinar will discuss how consumer laws may be used to challenge abusive and unfair bail industry practices, as well as litigation strategies and obstacles. Speakers: Alex Kornya, Iowa Legal Aid Ivy Wang, Southern Poverty Law Center Ariel Nelson, Staff Attorney at the [...]

Driving with Debt: What Attorneys and Organizers Can Do to Address the Problem of Driver’s License Suspensions for Court Debt

2019-02-19T13:00:55-05:00January 31, 2019|Categories: Auto Sales & Financing, Criminal Debt Justice|

January 31, 2019 Most states suspend driver's licenses based on unpaid debts arising out of criminal proceedings or traffic tickets, and as a result millions of low-income people have lost their licenses simply because they cannot afford to pay fines and fees. This webinar will briefly address the harsh, perverse, and discriminatory impact of such [...]

Ensuring that People Are Not Jailed Due to Poverty: Reforming Policies and Representing Clients in Criminal Justice Debt Ability to Pay Proceedings.

2019-02-21T09:23:08-05:00May 22, 2018|Categories: Criminal Debt Justice|

May 22, 2018 The Constitution prohibits jailing defendants for non-payment of debts they cannot afford but too often courts fail to conduct adequate "ability to pay" proceedings and unrepresented individuals are sent to jail simply because they are too poor to pay a fee. This webinar discusses both effective representation of individuals in ability to [...]

Affirmative Litigation of Criminal Justice Debt Abuses – Theory and Practice

2019-02-19T13:04:11-05:00March 16, 2018|Categories: Criminal Debt Justice|

March 16, 2018 Lawsuits are currently challenging harsh criminal justice debt collection practices, including "debtors prisons" and automatic license suspensions. This webinar discussed litigation strategies and challenges when pursuing affirmative claims against harsh criminal justice debt collection practices, and will encourage participants to incorporate consumer and constitutional law insights in their work. Presenters: Claudia Wilner, [...]

Introduction to Harvard’s Criminal Justice Policy Program’s 50-State Criminal Justice Debt Law Web Tool

2019-02-19T13:04:34-05:00March 1, 2018|Categories: Criminal Debt Justice|

March 1, 2018 The National Consumer Law Center and the Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law Schools free webinar series on criminal justice debt continues this spring. Confronting Criminal Justice Debt focuses on the fines and fees imposed by the criminal justice system. This webinar series brings together leading attorneys, academics, and other advocates [...]

Using Bankruptcy Law to Aid Criminal Justice Debtors

2019-02-19T13:05:50-05:00October 17, 2017|Categories: Criminal Debt Justice|

October 17, 2017 For criminal justice debtors, bankruptcy can be a powerful tool. It can eliminate the obligation to repay certain criminal justice debts or provide an orderly mechanism for repaying certain debts that cannot be discharged. Bankruptcy can also open the door to relief, such as expungement, record sealing, or restoration of a drivers [...]

The Advocacy Gap: Meeting the Urgent Need for Counsel to Represent Individuals in Criminal Debt Proceedings

2019-02-19T13:06:12-05:00October 10, 2017|Categories: Criminal Debt Justice|

October 10, 2017 Too often, individuals who owe criminal justice debt lack counsel who can help them navigate the system and avoid the severe penalties often imposed for nonpayment-from garnishment to suspension of a drivers license to incarceration. This webinar discussed the advocacy gap, ways in which civil attorneys could provide impactful representation, opportunities and [...]

Confronting Criminal Justice Debt: Introduction and Impact on Communities of Color

2019-03-07T08:27:31-05:00October 4, 2017|Categories: Criminal Debt Justice|

October 4, 2017 Americas justice system is increasingly financed by the imposition of heavy fines, fees, and costs on individuals accused of crimes and civil infractions. The costs are disproportionately born by the poor and people of color. This webinar will provide an overview of criminal justice debt as an urgent racial justice problem. It [...]

Debt and Democracy: How the Collection of Civil Fees and Fines Contributed to the Unrest in Ferguson

2019-02-20T16:14:25-05:00January 29, 2015|Categories: Criminal Debt Justice|

Jan 29, 2015 This webinar will discuss the levying and collection of unfair fees and fines by municipalities and their courts. According to The New York Times, unjust municipal fee and fine practices were one of the “simmering” issues underlying tensions in Ferguson, Missouri following the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a [...]