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Driving with Debt: What Attorneys and Organizers Can Do to Address the Problem of Driver’s License Suspensions for Court Debt

2019-02-19T13:00:55-05:00January 31, 2019|Categories: Auto Sales & Financing, Criminal Debt Justice|

January 31, 2019 Most states suspend driver's licenses based on unpaid debts arising out of criminal proceedings or traffic tickets, and as a result millions of low-income people have lost their licenses simply because they cannot afford to pay fines and fees. This webinar will briefly address the harsh, perverse, and discriminatory impact of such [...]

Understanding the Impact of Car Ownership Programs

2019-02-19T13:47:23-05:00January 27, 2012|Categories: Auto Sales & Financing|

January 27, 2012 This webinar discussed measuring and understanding the outcomes for vehicles for change recipients and also results and the method of evaluation. Speakers: Jeffrey E. Faulkner (Ways to Work, Inc.), Martin Schwartz (Vehicles for Chang), Dr. Yvette Lamb & Emily Appel-Newby (ICF International), John W. Van Alst (NCLC)

Cars and Insurance Issues

2019-02-21T11:31:05-05:00September 22, 2011|Categories: Auto Sales & Financing|

Cost and availability of car insurance, especially for low-income families as well as other car insurance issues including credit insurance and insurance related products and the practices of insurance companies when dealing with claims and damaged cars.