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TransUnion L.L.C. v. Ramirez Resources

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On June 25, 2021 in TransUnion L.L.C. v. Ramirez, 2021 WL 2599472 (U.S. June 25, 2021) the Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision addressing whether consumers suffered concrete harm due to violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), including inaccurate credit reports, that met the requirement for Article III standing. Ramirez follows up on [...]

Other Resources for Homeowners

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Glossaries HAMP & Loan Modification Glossary Mortgage Servicing Terms (helpful in understanding mortgage escrow statements, loan histories, and other client account documents) Links Bankruptcy Mortgage Project (a resource for those seeking an alternative to foreclosure through Chapter 13 bankruptcy) CFPB Consumer Mortgage Complaints  Mortgage Crisis in a Nutshell - This one-hour video explains the contributing [...]

Brochures for Homeowners

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Guide for Homebuyers: Tips for Getting a Safe Mortgage You Can Afford Saving Your Home from Foreclosure High-Cost Home Loans Some Tips For Consumers Considering A Reverse Mortgage What You Should Know About Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Client Brochure Using Credit Wisely After Bankruptcy Your Legal Rights During and After Bankruptcy Tips on Choosing A Reputable Credit [...]

Other Resources for Advocates

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Brochures Helping Elderly Homeowners Victimized by Predatory Mortgage Loans HOME A LOAN: A Quick Guide on Reverse Mortgages for Senior Advocates Dreams Foreclosed: Saving Older Americans from Foreclosure Rescue Scams  Steps That Advocates Can Take To Help Prevent Foreclosure  Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Resources Glossaries HAMP & Loan Modification Glossary Mortgage Servicing Terms (helpful in understanding [...]

Lender Bankruptcies

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Chapter 11 Documents Petition. The filing of the brief petition for chapter 11 relief document formally starts the bankruptcy case. It creates the bankruptcy estate consisting of a broad range of the debtor's interests in property. The petition filing also triggers the automatic bankruptcy stay. 11 U.S.C. § 362. Subject to very limited exceptions, the [...]

Failed Banks

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List of Failed Banks along with their claim bar dates Bank Insolvencies: Bars to Jurisdiction and to Claims and Defenses (NCLC Reports) Q&A Regarding the IndyMac Bank Failure Purchase and Assumption Agreements

Expert Witness Services

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  NCLC also offers expert witness and consulting on consumer law and regulated utility cases. NCLC is experienced in a broad range of consumer issues, having provided testimony and expert analysis to Congressional committees on dozens of occasions, and worked closely with Congressional staff and federal agencies on wide range of issues affecting low-income consumers. Margot [...]