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Urge the U.S. Senate to Uphold Strong Robocall Consumer Protections

Congress is moving on legislation to stop unwanted robocalls off our cell phones and it is at a critical juncture. The House just passed the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act and telemarketers, scammers, and debt collectors are officially on notice! Now it is critical that your U.S. Senators hear from consumers like you abused by harassing [...]

Urge the U.S. Senate to Uphold Strong Robocall Consumer Protections2019-08-02T15:26:35-05:00

The CFPB Should Protect Consumers, Not Abusive Debt Collectors

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has proposed a debt collection rule that does more to protect abusive collectors than consumers. Urge the CFPB to strengthen the rule to protect consumers from harassment, abuse, and deception by debt collectors, including collection attorneys, and to ensure that consumers receive important information about their rights. Actions You Can [...]

The CFPB Should Protect Consumers, Not Abusive Debt Collectors2019-09-19T13:44:52-05:00

Tell the Senate to End Forced Arbitration!

Urge your Senators to support the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal (FAIR) Act and put consumers ahead of Wall Street companies and predatory lenders. Tips for advocates || Other actions you can take   Buried in the fine print of many financial and other contracts is a forced arbitration clause that gives companies a “get-out-of-jail-free” card to evade [...]

Tell the Senate to End Forced Arbitration!2019-09-23T11:51:59-05:00

Tell the FCC to maintain strong rules against robocalls

Do you want to keep unwanted robocalls off your cell phone? Recently, the FCC has presented questions about its interpretation of the rules to protect consumers from unwanted calls, and the calling industry is weighing in. It is critical that the FCC hear from the voices of consumers victimized by disruptive and harassing robocalls. Tell [...]

Tell the FCC to maintain strong rules against robocalls2019-07-08T08:45:01-05:00

Save Civil Legal Aid Funding!

President Trump has proposed to eliminate the Legal Services Corporation and zero out the critical funding provided to legal services programs in all corners of all 50 states. Civil legal aid ensures fairness for all in the justice system regardless of income. It provides access to legal help to keep homes out of foreclosure, protect [...]

Save Civil Legal Aid Funding!2019-09-17T12:21:02-05:00

Help reel in predatory payday loans!

Tell Congress to insist the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rein in 400% APR loans that trap families in a cycle of debt. Email your members of Congress || Other actions you can take Americans of all political stripes overwhelmingly support reform of the predatory payday lending industry. But the CFPB, under a new leader, has delayed [...]

Help reel in predatory payday loans!2019-07-08T08:51:07-05:00

Protect the Lifeline Program!

The FCC is proposing to dramatically limit help to millions of low-income families who rely on Lifeline for phone and internet services. This radical change to the Lifeline program will cut off access to affordable internet and voice services that are essential in today’s classrooms, job market, healthcare system, information-based society and economy. Lifeline allows [...]

Protect the Lifeline Program!2019-09-17T12:14:14-05:00