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Special Projects


Equal Access to Higher Education

2019-11-22T15:33:41-05:00September 26, 2012|Categories: Special Projects|

Policy Briefs, Reports & Press Releases Report: Gainful Employment: A Civil Rights Perspective, October 2019 Press Release: National Consumer Law Center Attorney to Testify on June 11 before U.S. House Oversight Committee on Student Loan Servicing, June 10, 2019 Report: Inequitable Judgments Examining Race and Federal Student Loan Collection Lawsuits, April 2019 Press Release More Policy Briefs, [...]

Credit & Economic Opportunity

2021-10-27T10:37:24-05:00September 26, 2012|Categories: Special Projects|

Policy Analysis Policy Briefs, Fact Sheets, Reports & Press Releases Issue Brief: Doing Special Purpose Credit Programs Right: Why Programs to Assist Black Communities Should Avoid Conventional Use of Traditional Credit Scores, February 2021 Fact Sheet: Racial Disparities in Consumer Debt Collection and (Infographic), August 4, 2020 Press Release: Advocates Praise FTC Action on Discrimination and Abuse [...]

Racial Justice and Equal Economic Opportunity

2021-10-27T13:57:53-05:00September 12, 2012|Categories: Special Projects|

  Credit & Economic Opportunity || Equal Access to Higher Education Sustainable Homeownership || Equitable Access to Broadband, Media, Utilities, and Telecom Services HOT TOPICS Sign up for Racial Justice e-news! Group letter on Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination, Oct. 27, 2021 Group letter regarding First Generation Down Payment Assistance, Oct. 26, 2021 Group comments on LEP, Origination, Servicing, and [...]

Stay Connected Training

2021-07-01T12:50:05-05:00September 21, 2010|Categories: Special Projects|

Through Stay Connected, NCLC attorneys Charlie Harak, Jenifer Bosco, and Jeremiah Battle are offering free virtual trainings for advocates and front-line social service workers who work with low-income, Massachusetts clients to help residents avoid termination of their utility services. Advocates learn the eligibility requirements for electric utility discounts, how to prevent service from being shut [...]

State Inaction

2019-03-07T12:41:47-05:00March 7, 2010|Categories: Special Projects|

Gaps in State Oversight of For-Profit Higher Education Published Dec. 1, 2011©National Consumer Law Center Download the full report (PDF) Download the Executive Summary & Recommendations (PDF) Download the State-by-State Student Relief Chart (PDF) Download the press release (PDF) The astronomical growth in for-profit higher education has exposed increasing numbers of students to [...]


2021-11-19T08:29:13-05:00March 7, 2010|Categories: Special Projects|

The National Consumer Law Center’s Massachusetts Economic Justice Project allows NCLC to work specifically in Massachusetts with local advocates helping low-income consumers and seniors facing difficulties in the marketplace. NCLC offers our consumer law expertise, recognized in Massachusetts and throughout the country, to Massachusetts legal service attorneys, private attorneys, and advocacy organizations who share our [...]


2010-03-07T11:30:22-05:00March 7, 2010|Categories: Special Projects|

Case Consultations NCLC offers consultations to practitioners representing low-income California clients on consumer issues. Technical assistance is also provided in the form of NCLC’s expert testimony, and by NCLC co-counseling or referring cases to other California consumer lawyers. Training NCLC provides consumer law training for legal services programs, private lawyers, pro bono programs, and government [...]


2020-05-19T16:37:00-05:00March 7, 2010|Categories: Special Projects|

NCLC operates a number of special projects and initiatives that take a comprehensive approach to the consumer law problems facing low-income Americans. Climate Change Justice Covid-19 & Consumer Protections Domestic Violence Survivors Disaster Relief & Consumer Protection Manufactured Housing Military Personnel Older Consumers Racial Justice and Equal Economic Opportunity State Advocacy Stay Connected Student Loan [...]

State Advocacy

2021-07-01T12:53:04-05:00March 5, 2010|Categories: Special Projects|

Arbitration || Autos || Consumer Protection || Credit Reports || Criminal Justice || Debt Collection || Employment || Housing || Installment Loans Prepaid Debt Cards and Payroll Cards || Student Loans || Utilities The National Consumer Law Center offers its consumer law expertise to legal service attorneys, private attorneys, and advocacy organizations who share our goals [...]

Older Consumers

2021-10-18T12:14:05-05:00March 5, 2010|Categories: Special Projects|

The independence and financial security of older adults are threatened by abusive practices in the marketplace. NCLC provides trainings and case consultation as well as legal assistance to attorneys and advocates for older adults in consumer and energy law. Our advocates specialize in foreclosure prevention and defense, debt collection, consumer fraud, and energy/utility assistance, among [...]