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How the Lifeline Program Can Help Vulnerable Consumers Connect to Voice and Internet Service after a Natural Disaster

March 2018 Print in PDF  The federal Lifeline program helps low-income households afford voice and broadband internet service. After Hurricane Katrina, Lifeline cell phone service helped economically fragile families displaced by natural disaster connect once again to the outside world to access disaster assistance, employers, family, and community to begin the process of rebuilding their [...]

How the Lifeline Program Can Help Vulnerable Consumers Connect to Voice and Internet Service after a Natural Disaster2019-03-07T12:44:33-05:00

Need Help with Debts?

Don’t get burned by scammers – know the facts about debt relief!  March 2018 Print in PDF Debt relief is the generic name for different ways you can manage your bills. This fact sheet covers different types of debt relief and what you should watch out for. Debt relief scammers often target people in financial [...]

Need Help with Debts?2019-03-07T12:44:09-05:00

Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project

Mortgage Servicing Litigation Guide  by the National Consumer Law Center© A. Checklists and Charts Checklist for Tracking Compliance with the RESPA Loss Mitigation Rules (MS Word) Checklist for reviewing RESPA Loss Mitigation Notices to Borrowers (PDF) Mortgage Servicing Claims Chart (PDF) Call Log for Pending Loss Mitigation Application (MS Word) B. Sample Qualified Written Requests Sample RFI About a [...]

Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project2016-06-24T12:03:14-05:00

Carol’s Story

How Project Stay Connected and NCLC Helped Keep the Lights and Heat On The odds were stacked against Carol D. As a low-income, disabled, elderly widow living in an all-electric home, Carol thought that with all the personal and financial hardships she was facing, her utility company would surely help when she fell behind on [...]

Carol’s Story2019-03-07T12:43:15-05:00

Public Policy Reforms

NCLC works closely with utility regulatory commissions, utility companies, and advocates for public policy changes so that low-income households can move beyond worrying whether their utility services will be shut off. More affordable utility service lowers overall housing costs, decreases homelessness and frees up resources that can pay for food, medicine, mortgage or rent payments, [...]

Public Policy Reforms2013-02-06T18:24:36-05:00

Utilities Advocacy Training

Through Stay Connected, NCLC attorneys conduct trainings for non-attorney advocates and front-line social service workers to help low-income Massachusetts residents avoid termination of their utility services. Advocates learn the eligibility requirements for electric utility discounts, how to prevent service from being shut off, and how to restore service if it was terminated. In-person TrainingsTo schedule [...]

Utilities Advocacy Training2013-02-06T18:13:56-05:00

Stay Connected

Project Stay Connected helps low-income people to maintain heating, electricity, gas, and phone services. NCLC provides training and case advice for front-line social service workers and advocates in Massachusetts. Read how Project Stay Connected helped Carol We also advocate for more consumer-friendly rules and practices regarding shut-offs of utility services, promote discount rates and reasonable [...]

Stay Connected2019-03-07T12:42:52-05:00

Sustainable Homeownership

HOT TOPICS Press statement: HUD Proposal Would Significantly Obstruct Enforcement of Long-Standing Civil Rights Protections, Aug. 19, 2019 Press Release: FHFA Backtracks on Critical Language Access Question on Mortgage Application, August 9, 2019 Press release: Public Interest Groups Applaud FHFA Move to Expand Resources for LEP Borrowers, Oct. 16, 2018  Leer en Español. Report: Toxic Transactions: [...]

Sustainable Homeownership2019-08-19T13:29:53-05:00

Equal Access to Higher Education

Policy Briefs, Reports & Press Releases Press Release: National Consumer Law Center Attorney to Testify on June 11 before U.S. House Oversight Committee on Student Loan Servicing, June 10, 2019 Report: Inequitable Judgments Examining Race and Federal Student Loan Collection Lawsuits, April 2019 Press Release More Policy Briefs, Reports & Press Releases >>> Letters NCLC replied to [...]

Equal Access to Higher Education2019-06-11T09:35:45-05:00