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Expert Witness and Co-Counseling with NCLC

2019-02-25T11:13:16-05:00March 7, 2010|Categories: Services|

Expert Witness Services || Co-Counseling with NCLC Whether you want assistance analyzing a client’s TILA disclosure statement and other complex documents, assistance in drafting a complaint or appellate brief, or an expert witness to help you prove your consumer’s case, NCLC’s experts are ready to help. For more than thirty years, NCLC has been on the forefront [...]

Co-Counseling with the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC)

2019-02-21T16:41:34-05:00March 5, 2010|Categories: Litigation, Services|

Why Co-counsel With NCLC? NCLC sets an example for ethical, principled consumer law practices and encourages broader participation in such efforts by directly joining the litigation battle in partnership with new recruits as well as seasoned veterans. We offer a unique set of resources that can play a critical role in providing high quality representation [...]

Expert Witness Services and Complex Case Consulting Services

2019-02-22T07:15:11-05:00March 5, 2010|Categories: Services|

NCLC also offers expert witness and consulting on consumer law and regulated utility cases. NCLC is experienced in a broad range of consumer issues, having provided testimony and expert analysis to Congressional committees on dozens of occasions, and worked closely with Congressional staff and federal agencies on wide range of issues affecting low-income consumers. Margot Freeman Saunders, [...]