Dodd Frank Briefs, Reports & Press Releases

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Statement Regarding CFPB Revamp of Mortgage Rules That Will Protect Lenders from Legal Liability for Peddling Unaffordable Loans, Increase Foreclosures, and Create Instability in the Mortgage Market, Dec. 10, 2020 Press Statement: CFPB Issues Proposal to Permit Mortgage Lenders to Make Unaffordable Loans Without Consequences; May be Challenged Under the APA, August 18, 202 Press [...]

Dodd Frank Comments and Testimony

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Comments NCLC-CFA Comments to CFPB Opposing the Proposed Rule on the Dodd-Frank Ability to Repay Seasoned Qualified Mortgage, Oct. 1, 2020. Short Comments NCLC, CFA, and Prosperity Now long comments to the CFPB re: Qualified Mortgage Loan Definition under the Truth-in-Lending Act (Regulation Z), Sept. 8, 2020 Civil Rights and Consumer Group Comments to the [...]

Dodd Frank Letters

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  NCLC Letter requesting that the deadline for the Seasoned QM Definition be extended for Yom Kippur, Sep. 17, 2020 Consumers, Lenders, and Mortgage Insurers Letter to CFPB re: rulemaking re: definition of the Qualified Mortgage (QM), Jan. 21, 2020 Coalition letter opposing H.R. 1153, the Mortgage Choice Act, Feb. 6, 2018 Joint Letter of [...]