HAMP Policy Analysis

Analysis and Recommendations No Hope for Homeowners: The Administration’s Home Affordable Unemployment Program Hurts the Unemployed, July 2010 Home Affordable Modification Program: Borrower Notices Fall Short, November 2009 Homeowners Need Mandatory Loan Modifications and Expanded Access to Mediation; Current Programs Fall Short, September 2009 NCLC's Home Affordable Modification Program Recommendations, July 2009 NCLC's Home Affordable [...]

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Disaster Relief

Policy Analysis Reports Obtaining Mortgage Relief for Survivors of Disasters: A Practice Guide for Advocates by Alys Cohen, Margot Saunders, Emily Green Caplan and Odette Williamson, October 2018 [Note: To print, please select "Fit to Page" under Scale; for best online viewing, please open in Internet Explorer or Firefox] Appendix A: Flow Chart: Homeowner Post-Disaster Road to Recovery [...]

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FHA Loans

Policy Briefs, Reports and Press Releases Press Release: FHFA Backtracks on Critical Language Access Question on Mortgage Application, August 9, 2019 Press release: Government Report Shows Harm to Consumers from HUD Loan Auctions to Private Equity Firms, Aug. 2, 2019 Press release: Federal Reverse Mortgage Program Results in Widows Losing Their Homes After Death of [...]

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HAMP Practice Aids

Practice Aids HAMP Summary for Judges (August 2013) Identifying Participating Servicers What to Do When the Servicer Says the Investor is Not Participating? What to Do When the Servicer Says No? What to Do When the Servicer Denies Because They Re-ran the NPV Test? What to Do When the Servicer Refuses to Accept or Process a [...]

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HAMP Litigation

HAMP Trial Period Plan (TPP) Contract Claims NCLC, with its co-counsel, has filed five class action suits on behalf of Massachusetts residents to challenge the way the nation's major banks and mortgage servicers are implementing the Home Affordable Modification Program. The lawsuits cite the failure of Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Litton Loan Servicing, [...]

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Loan Servicing Books & Newsletters

Publications Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Consumer Bankruptcy Glossaries HAMP & Loan Modification Glossary Mortgage Servicing Terms (helpful in understanding mortgage escrow statements, loan histories, and other client account documents) Links Bankruptcy Mortgage Project: A resource for an alternative to foreclosure through Chapter 13 bankruptcy Tools FDIC Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator An [...]

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Other Resources for Housing Counselors

FDIC Loan Modification Program Guide: "Mod in a Box" FAQs on FDIC Loan Modification-in-a-Box HUD Housing Counseling Handbook Brochures Dreams Foreclosed: Saving Older Americans from Foreclosure Rescue Scams Steps That Advocates Can Take To Help Prevent Foreclosure Helping Elderly Homeowners Victimized by Predatory Mortgage Loans HOME A LOAN: A Quick Guide on Reverse Mortgages for [...]

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HAMP Policy Analysis

Testimony Testimony of Diane Thompson before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs: Problems in Mortgage Servicing from Modification to Foreclosure, November 2010 Testimony of Alys Cohen before the Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity:  The Recently Announced Revisions to the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), April 2010 Testimony of Alys Cohen before Subcommittee on [...]

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