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Legislation & Regulation


Model State Laws

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Car Sales and Financing Transparent and Consistent Pricing of Motor Vehicle Add-Ons Act, Dec. 2018 Safer Cars at the Point of Sale Act, Dec. 2018 Making Repossessions Safer and Fairer: Model Consumer Amendments to Uniform Commercial Code Article 9, June 2016 Debt Collection and Debt Settlement What States Can Do: Criminal Justice Debt, Sept. 2019 Model [...]


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The following rulemakings are outstanding.  Some agencies may accept comments after the deadline.  For completed regulatory comments in a particular subject area, visit the appropriate Issues page or Regulatory Reform and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. All of the CFPB's requests for comment can be viewed here. All agencies' open rulemakings, and submitted comments, can be [...]

Rulemakings Archive

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CFPB Sources and Use of Data Dec. 27, 2018 deadline to respond to the CFPB's request for information on the consumer bureau's sources and use of data. Consumer comments. Faster Payments Dec. 14, 2018 deadline to comment on potential actions by the Federal Reserve Board to create a real time payment system. Consumer comments. Community [...]


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On behalf of our low-income clients, we are monitoring the following legislative activities. Visit Congress.gov for the status of a federal bill or to contact a member by phone or email (or call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121). You can find out who your U.S. representative is here, and Members' Twitter handles are here. [...]