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Report and Briefs Issue Brief: Federal Student Loan Relief after a Disaster: Your Guide to Short-Term and Long-Term Options, January 2018 (1-page Guide to Short-Term Relief with Two Quick Calls) Préstamos Estudiantiles Después de un Desastre Natural: Su Guía Sobre Opciones de Asistencia a Corto y Largo Plazo, Enero 2018 Préstamos Federales Estudiantiles Después de [...]

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For-Profit and Predatory Schools

Policy Analysis Reports & Briefs Issue Paper: Defend the Department of Education’s Borrower Defense Rule (2017) Updated Report: Ensuring Educational Integrity: 10 Steps to Improve State Oversight of For-Profit Schools (2014) Update to Step 2: Protecting Online Education Students (2015) Improving college success for poor students (2014) The Sallie Mae Saga: A Government-Created, Student Debt [...]

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Private Student Loans

Policy Analysis Reports & Briefs Report: Going to School on Robo-signing: How to Help Borrowers and Stop the Abuses in Private Student Loan Collection Cases (2014) Report: The Sallie Mae Saga: A Government-Created, Student Debt Fueled Profit Machine (2014) Report: Searching for Relief: Desperate Borrowers and the Growing Student Loan “Debt Relief” Industry (2013) Report: [...]

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Federal Student Loans

Policy Analysis Reports & Briefs Report: Inequitable Judgments Examining Race and Federal Student Loan Collection Lawsuits,  April 2019 Press Release; 2-Page Overview Brief: The Dark Side of Payroll Withholding to Repay Student Loans, Feb. 11, 2019 (Press Release) Report: Voices of Despair: Student Borrowers Trapped in Poverty When Government Seizes Their Earned Income Tax Credit [...]

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