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How to Stop EasyPay Finance/TAB Bank Automatic Debits from Your Bank Account

2022-05-10T15:21:53-05:00May 10, 2022|Categories: High Cost Small Loans|

You have two separate options for stopping preauthorized recurring debits from your bank account. You may want to use both. For more information, visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: How do I stop automatic payments from my bank account? IMPORTANT: Stopping debits from your bank account does not stop your obligation to [...]

NCLC 2022 Federal Priorities

2022-05-04T13:54:23-05:00May 4, 2022|Categories: Issues|

NCLC 2022 Consumer Protection Federal Priorities Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Debt: 2022 Federal Legislative Priorities Housing Ensuring Access to Sustainable Homeownership: 2022 Priorities  Racial Justice and Equal Economic Opportunity Unfinished Business: Roadmap for an Equitable Economic Recovery in 2022

Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in the United States

2022-02-17T10:48:43-05:00February 17, 2022|Categories: High Cost Small Loans|

This spreadsheet has state-by-state information about which high-cost rent-a-bank lenders are operating in each state. The state-specific issue briefs below have an overview of rent-a-bank lending in these states (updated February 2022): Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in Alaska Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in Arizona Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in Arkansas Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending in Colorado Predatory Rent-a-Bank Lending [...]

The High Cost of a Fresh Start

2022-02-15T10:57:28-05:00February 11, 2022|Categories: Issues|

Report Executive Summary Appendix: Court Debt as a Barrier to Clearing a Conviction Record Graphics Press Release         Published February 14, 2022 ©National Consumer Law Center, Inc. Overview This report explores the extent to which restricting access to record clearing based on outstanding criminal fines, fees, costs, and restitution—collectively known as “court [...]

No Fresh Start in 2021: will states let debt collectors push families into poverty as pandemic protections expire? (web version)

2021-11-10T15:25:57-05:00November 10, 2021|Categories: Issues|

November 2021 © Copyright 2021, National Consumer Law Center, Inc. All rights reserved. See Print Version Why State Exemption Laws Are Important Map 1: Overall Ratings Story: West Virginia Nurse Finds Bank Account Frozen in Midst of Pandemic Protection of Wages: Can a Creditor Reduce a Debtor to Below the Poverty Level? Map [...]

Telecommunications Archive

2021-11-09T16:31:38-05:00November 9, 2021|Categories: Archive|

Telecommunications Policy Briefs, Reports & Press Releases Fact Sheet: Keeping Americans Connected During and After a Natural Disaster, September 11, 2018 Fact Sheet: Keeping Puerto Ricans Connected After a Natural Disaster, September 11, 2018 Press release: Advocates, Tribal Groups Seek to Delay Drastic Changes to Program Providing Affordable Voice and Broadband Access in Indian Country, July 3, [...]

New D.C. Study Shows How Arrearage Management Programs Are a Win-Win for Companies and Customers Alike

2021-07-15T15:41:28-05:00July 15, 2021|Categories: NCLC Utilities & Telecom Blog|

COVID and Utility Arrearages The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the fact that millions of Americans cannot afford the bills for utility service that keep the lights on, the food in the refrigerator cold, the air conditioning running in the summer, and the heating system running in the winter.  In order to protect [...]

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Loans Archive

2021-06-14T11:22:40-05:00June 14, 2021|Categories: Archive|

Policy Analysis Press Releases, Reports & Issue Briefs Issue brief: Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Loans: The Perils of Easy Money for Clean Energy Improvements, Sept. 2017 There has been a sharp increase in homeowner problems with PACE loans. The laudable goal of improving home energy efficiency is being overshadowed by the lack of [...]

Reverse Mortgages Archive

2021-06-14T11:11:28-05:00June 14, 2021|Categories: Archive|

Policy Briefs, Reports & Press Releases Press release: National Consumer Law Center Advocates Urge HUD to Take Immediate Action to Reduce Foreclosures on Widows and Widowers of Reverse Mortgage Borrowers, November 27, 2018 Issue brief:  How HUD is Failing to Protect Widows and Widowers of Reverse Mortgage Borrowers: Case Studies and Recommendations, November 2018 Issue brief: Assisting Homeowners [...]