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The Truth about Credit Reports & Credit Repair Companies

Download PDF (Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese) What Should I Look for in My Report? You should look for the following possible problems: Are There Any Errors? If you think there is an error, like an account that is not yours, you should fill out a dispute form or write a letter explaining the [...]

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U.S. Government Websites

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Department of Justice Federal Case Law Federal Laws Federal Trade Commission Library of Congress Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) The White House Thomas (Jefferson) US Federal Courts US Government Accounting Office (GAO) US House of Representatives US Senate Washington Post Federal Internet Guide   US Government Agencies Consumer Financial Protection [...]

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Car Information

Good collection of resources regarding cars, car pricing and safety information, lemon law summaries. AutoSite CarFax Carwizard Don't Get Taken Every Time Kelly's Blue Book National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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Legal Services Resource Centers

  Non-profit organizations devoting all of its resources to advocating equal access to justice for all Americans: Bazelon Center California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform Center on Budget and Policy Priorities LawHelp National Center on Poverty Law National Employment Law Project (NELP), see also NELP's information about unemployment http://www.unemployedworkers.org/ National Health Law Program National Legal [...]

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General Consumer Information

General Consumer Information for public interest organizations, consumer advocacy and education groups and the general public. Bankrate Class Action Law Suits  Consumer Federation of America Consumer Law Page Consumer Action Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's "Submit a Consumer Complaint" Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's 'Ask CFPB' Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Consumers Union Consumer World State [...]

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Legal Resources

American Bar Association Cornell University Legal Information Institute Courtsystem.org Expert Witness Databases Findlaw National State Attorneys General Program at Columbia Law School: Consumer Protection Report newsletter Prof. Mark Budnitz's Pubications The Federal Judicial Center The Internet Law Library The Nation's Courts Directory Tobacco Bulletin Board System US Federal Judiciary Villanova Center for Information Law and [...]

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Brochures for Consumers

For Advocates Tax Tips for Older Adults Assisting Homeowners with Reverse Mortgages after a Natural Disaster: A Guide for Advocates Advice for Older Consumers About Credit Cards Understanding Credit Scores Steps that Advocates Can Take to Help Older Homeowners Prevent Foreclosure Protecting Social Security and other Federal Benefits in Bank Accounts from Garnishment by Debt [...]

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Brochures By Topic

Banking and Payment Systems Credit v. Debit - Which Should You Use (English) Cashing Checks and Opening Bank Accounts: How to Save Money and Avoid Theft (Chinese) (Korean) (Russian) (Spanish) (Vietnamese) (English) Shopping for Money Wire Transfer Services (Chinese) (Korean) (Russian) (Spanish) (Vietnamese) (English) Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Client Brochure Using Credit Wisely After Bankruptcy Your Legal Rights During and After Bankruptcy Credit Cards Eight Things to [...]

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For Consumers

NCLC has developed a number of guides, brochures, and fact sheets to help consumers understand their rights and make the best choices possible despite difficult financial circumstances. NCLC's Consumer Education Brochures || Guide To Surviving Debt || Consumer Debt Advice How To Get Legal Assistance || Disaster Relief & Consumer Protection  || Other Useful Links *** [...]

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