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Joshua Ambre, Editorial Associate

Joshua Ambre provides support to NCLC's editorial department, building on his previous experience as a legal proofreader, freelance editor, and writing tutor. He holds a bachelor's degree with concentrations in creative writing and classics from the University of Arizona.

Joshua Ambre, Editorial Associate2019-11-08T09:40:44-05:00

Ariel Nelson, Staff Attorney

Ariel Nelson is a staff attorney at the National Consumer Law Center focusing on credit and background reporting and criminal justice debt issues. She is a contributing author to NCLC’s Fair Credit Reporting. Previously, Ariel litigated administrative and environmental law cases as a staff attorney/clinical teaching fellow at Georgetown University Law Center. She also served as a [...]

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Karen Lusson, Staff Attorney

Karen Lusson is a staff attorney at the National Consumer Law Center, who focuses on energy and utility issues that affect low-income customers. Previously she was the assistant bureau chief in the Public Utilities Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.  Her duties included representing Illinois residential ratepayers in litigation involving utility rate increase requests, [...]

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Andrea Bopp Stark – Attorney

Andrea Bopp Stark is a staff attorney focusing on fair debt collection practices, including criminal justice debt.  She also teaches an Introduction to Consumer Rights Litigation practicum course at Boston College Law School. Andrea is a contributing author to NCLC’s Fair Debt Collection and Mortgage Servicing and Loan Modifications legal manuals.  Previously, Andrea was a partner at Molleur [...]

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Elijah Peterson, Donor Engagement Manager

Elijah is responsible for engaging and informing new and existing supporters of the NCLC's work via email, social media, and other communications channels. Previously, he was a grant writer at the International OCD Foundation, a development officer at Capital Good Fund in RI, and a labor organizer for a hotel and food service workers union. [...]

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Michael Patricelli, Finance Associate

Mike assists with the day-to-day operations of NCLC's finance and human resources work, including processing of checks and invoices, budget preparation, and payroll. Previously, he worked at New England Newspapers in its finance department. Mike is a graduate of Western New England University in Springfield, MA.

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Andy Spanogle

John Andrew (Andy) Spanogle, Jr. is a pioneer in the modern consumer rights movement. For almost 50 years, Andy has contributed to the advancement of consumer law in an unusually wide range of ways: as an advocate for pro-consumer state statutes on banking, commercial, and consumer law; as one of fourteen original recruits of Ralph [...]

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2017 Vern Countryman Consumer Law Award

The National Consumer Law Center Honors David Humphreys and Luke Wallace  David Humphreys Luke Wallace With the 2017 Vern Countryman Consumer Law Award The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) is proud to honor Oklahoma attorneys David Humphreys and Luke Wallace with the 2017 Vern Countryman Consumer Law Award, named after one of our founding trustees. [...]

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Brian Highsmith, Skadden Fellow

Brian Highsmith is a Skadden Fellow at the National Consumer Law Center, working on criminal justice debt and the criminalization of poverty in various consumer law contexts. His litigation and advocacy aims to address the different ways that interactions with our criminal legal system result in unfair and unaffordable financial obligations for low-income families. Prior [...]

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