Shirlron Williams is NCLC’s Administrative Officer/Administrative Assistant in our Washington, D.C. office​. She permanently joined ​NCLC ​in​ ​1998 after completing a temporary assignment the previous year. She overse​es administrative ​services ​of the D.C​.​ office​ by​ assist​ing​ a​ttorneys​ with research​,​ maintain​ing​ advocacy listserv support,​ providing​​ administrative and clerical support to a​ttorneys​, as well as other tasks t​o​ ensure the smooth functioning of the D​.​C​.​ office. Prior to coming to NCLC, Shirlron attended the Jefferson Business College Word Processing/Secretarial Program, and ​worked at the Government Accountability Office in Washington, D.​C. If you happen to call NCLC​’s D​.​C​.​ office, you will be greeted by Shirlron​’​s pleasant voice.