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State Foreclosure Laws & Policy
NCLC advocates for modernization of antiquated state foreclosure laws that push homeowners into complicated legal proceedings that lack basic protections.

Improved state laws can benefit homeowners and communities.


State Foreclosure Newsletter

NCLC Reports, Bankruptcy and Foreclosures Edition

State Foreclosure Other Resources


FDIC Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator An NPV calculation may assist in evaluating the costs of loan modification compared to foreclosure.


Methods for Studying Residential Foreclosure Diversion Processes – a Philadelphia Case Study Presentation and Recording by Honorable Annette M. Rizzo, Ira Goldstein (TRF), Geoff Walsh (NCLC); March 22, 2011

Summary of Programs

Summary of Mediation Programs (supervised)

Summary of Mediation Programs (unsupervised)

Model Documents

Model Foreclosure Mediation/Diversion Statute (Judicial Foreclosure State)

Model Foreclosure Mediation/Diversion Statute (Non Judicial Foreclosure State)

Model Statute: Requirement for Loan Modification Analysis/Loss Mitigation Before Foreclosure

Memorandum on Federal and State Constitutional Issues Related to Foreclosure Mediation/Diversion

Model Form for Summary Data of Loan Modifications from Mediations/Conference

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