Racial Justice and Equal Economic Opportunity

About NCLC's Racial Justice and Equal Economic Opportunity Project: Exploitative financial practices have drained wealth and resources from families and communities of color. The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) works at the national and state levels to protect these families' pocketbooks and rebuild their wealth so that they can survive and thrive in the U.S. financial marketplace.

From NCLC's groundbreaking anti-discrimination litigation and public policy advocacy, training and support for attorneys and other advocates, and public education, we are committed to building economic security for vulnerable families of color so they can achieve the American Dream.

Free Racial Justice Webinars

Check out NCLC's series of webinars on Rebuilding Wealth and Economic Opportunity in Communities of Color. The series focusses on restoring economic opportunity and preventing discrimination in communities that were decimated by the foreclosure crisis and the Great Recession. Listen to past webinars or sign up to be notified of future webinars. Topics include:

  • Minding the Gap: Using the New Racial Wealth Audit to Measure the Impact of State and National Policies on the Racial Wealth Gap
  • Discrimination in the Manufactured Housing Industry: An Inside Look at Abusive Lending and Collection Practices by the Nation’s Largest Mobile Home Company
  • Credit Scores and Credit Reports: Problematic Uses and How They Worsen the Racial Economic Gap
  • Weblining and Other Racial Justice Concerns in the Era of Big Data
  • Aging into Poverty: Economic Insecurity among Older Adults of Color & LGBT Elders
  • The Role of Broadband in Rebuilding 
  • Wealth and Opportunity in Communities of Color
  • For-profit student loan lending
  • Mortgage lending

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