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Quick Reference to the Consumer Credit and Sales Legal Practice Series (1/2/2013)

The Quick Reference to the Consumer Credit and Sales Legal Practice Series found below pinpoints where to find specific topics analyzed in the NCLC treatises. References are to sections. References followed by "S" appear only in a supplement. See ABBREVIATIONS below to see full name of titles being referenced. Also consider the following alternative searches:

Keyword Search, Listing Titles and Pages (showing context) Where Search Term Is Located

Readers should also consider another search option available at www.nclc.org/keyword. There, users can search all nineteen NCLC treatises for a case name, party name, statutory or regulatory citation, or any other word, phrase, or combination of terms. The search engine provides the title, page number and context of every occurrence of that word or phrase within each of the NCLC treatises. Further search instructions and tips are provided on the website.

Searching for Pleadings and Primary Sources

NCLC strongly recommends, when searching for PLEADINGS on a particular subject, that users refer to the Index Guide accompanying Consumer Law Pleadings, and not to this Quick Reference. Another option is to search for pleadings directly on the Consumer Law Pleadings website, using the finding tools that are provided there.

The finding tools found on NCLC’s companion websites are also an effective means to find statutes, regulations, agency interpretations, legislative history, and other primary source material found in manual appendices and on NCLC’s companion websites.

More Detailed Indices Accompanying Each Title

More detailed indexes are found at the end of the individual NCLC volumes. Both the detailed contents pages and the detailed indexes for each treatise are also available on NCLC's online bookstore, www.nclc.org/shop.


Quick Reference (Last Updated 1/2/2013)