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The following rulemakings are outstanding.  Some agencies may accept comments after the deadline.  For completed regulatory comments in a particular subject area, visit the appropriate Issues page or Regulatory Reform and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

All of the CFPB's requests for comment can be viewed here. All agencies' open rulemakings, and submitted comments, can be viewed at http://www.regulations.gov, which is searchable by docket number and other means.

Expanded HMDA mortgage data

October 22, 2014 deadline to comment on CFPB proposal to expand the data that must be reported under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and to simplify reporting requirements. Press Release.


Public access to CFPB complaint narratives

arrow September 22, 2014 extended deadline to submit comments on CFPB proposal to permit consumers to make available to the public the narratives of the complaints they submit to the CFPB on particular companies.

Mobile Payments

arrow Sept. 10, 2014 deadline to respond to CFPB request for comments on mobile financial services.

CFPB debt collection survey

August 22, 2014 extended deadline to submit comments on the CFPB's proposal to survey consumers about their experiences with debt collectors.


Big Data

arrow Aug. 15, 2014 pre-workshop deadline and Oct. 15, 2014 final deadline for comments to the FTC on Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion?


Annual Privacy Notices

arrow July 14, 2014 deadline to comment on proposed rule permitting companies that use a model form and limit data sharing to post their annual privacy notices online instead of by delivering them individually.

Truth in Lending Act – Regulation Z (Qualified Mortgage Rule)

arrow June 5, 2014 and July 7, 2014 deadline to comment on proposed CFPB amendments to the Truth in Lending Act, Regulation Z, Qualified Mortgage Rule. NCLC comments, Part 1 (6/5/14); NCLC Comments, Part 2 (7/7/14).

International Remittances

arrow June 6, 2014 extended deadline to comment on CFPB proposal to extend to 2020 a temporary exemption that permits insured institutions to estimate certain pricing disclosures for international remittances.

For-Profit Career Colleges

arrow May 27, 2014 deadline to respond to proposed rules by the Department of Education to protect students from predatory, poor-performing career colleges. Summary of proposal.

California Payday Loans

arrow May 21, 2014 deadline to respond to proposed California Department of Corporations regulations governing internet payday loans and the relationship between prepaid cards and payday loans. NCLC Comments.

TANF EBT Restrictions and Cash Access

arrow May 7, 2014 deadline to comment to HHS on proposed rules to implement ban on access to EBT cards at liquor, gambling and adult entertainment venues and requirement that states provide adequate access to cash benefits. NCLC Comments.

Supervision of Larger International Remittance Providers

arrow April 1, 2014 deadline to comment on the CFPB's proposal for how to define the larger international money transmitters who will be subject to CFPB supervision.

Debt Collection

arrow February 28, 2014 deadline to submit comments to the CFPB on how it should regulate debt collectors. NCLC Comments and Shorter Coalition Comments. S. 2328 (Toomey), exempting attorneys from the FDCPA (oppose).

CFPB Consumer Advisory Board

arrow Feb. 28, 2014 deadline to apply to be a member of the CFPB's Consumer Advisory Board.

Mortgage Closing Process
FHA guaranteed mortgages

arrow July 14, 2014 deadline to comment on HUD's proposed HAWK pilot program underwhich first-time homebuyers will receive a discount on FHA mortgage insurance premiums if they complete a series of housing couseling courses from HUD-approved agencies. NCLC Comments

arrow Feb. 7, 2014 deadline to respond to CFPB request for information on the mortgage closing process.

Electronic Payments

arrow January 13, 2014 deadline to comment on proposed rules by NACHA imposing greater obligations on banks, payment processors and merchants to scrutinize the payments they originate and process. Consumer Comments.

U.S. Payment System

arrow December 13, 2013 deadline to submit comments to the Federal Reserve Board on how to improve the U.S. Payment System. Comments urging Fed to ban remotely created checks.

Mortgage Statements and Other Amendments

arrow November 22, 2013 deadline to file comments on CFPB's rule amending provisions in the 2013 Mortgage Rules Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X) and the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z), 78 Fed. Reg. 62993 (October 23, 2013), including a periodic statement exemption for borrowers in bankruptcy and clarified pre-counseling disclosures for high-cost loans. NCLC Comments.

Telephone Bill Cramming

arrow November 18, 2013 deadline to file comments on FCC's proposed rule Empowering Consumers To Prevent and Detect Billing for Unauthorized Charges (''Cramming''), 78 Fed. Reg. 61250 (October 3, 3013).

Reverse Mortgages

arrow October 31, 2013 deadline to respond to Department of the Treasury's request for comments, 78 Fed. Reg. 60376 (October 1, 2013), on their information collection titled, ''Reverse Mortgage Products: Guidance for Managing Compliance and Reputation Risks.''

FHA Guaranteed Mortgages

arrow October 30, 2013 deadline to submit comments on HUD's proposed rules on its definition of "qualified mortgage" for insured and guaranteed single family mortgages, 78 Fed. Reg. 59890 (September 30, 2013).

Remotely Created Checks, Deposits to Prepaid Cards and Mobile Deposits

arrow September 18, 2013 comments to the Fed and CFPB on amendments to Regulation CC.

Military Small Dollar Loans

arrow August 1, 2013 deadline to respond to DOD request for comments, 78 Fed. Reg. 36134 (June 17, 2013), RIN 0790-Aj10, on updates needed to military small dollar loan protections. Coalition comments.

Remotely Created Checks and Payment Orders

arrow August 8, 2013 deadline to respond to proposed rules by the FTC banning certain forms of payment in connection with telemarketing sales. NCLC Comments. Coalition Comments.

Mortgage Rules

arrow July 22, 2013 deadline to respond to CFPB request for comments, 78 Fed. Reg. 39902 (July 2, 2013), RIN 3170-AA37, on proposed amendments to several mortgage rules concerning loss mitigation procedures, qualified mortgage rules, and exemptions for creditors in rural and underserved areas.

Consumer Financial Civil Penalty Fund

arrow July 8, 2013 deadline to comment on CFPB's proposed rule creating the Consumer Financial Civil Penalty Fund to compensate victims and fund consumer education activities

Bank Payday Loans

arrow May 30, 2013 deadline to comment on proposed guidances from the OCC and FDIC addressing concerns about bank payday loan.  Consumer Coalition Comments. NCLC comments on prepaid card payday loans.

Student Loan Servicing

arrow May 28, 2013 deadline to comment on CFPB's proposed rule Defining Larger Participants of the Student Loan Servicing Market for purposes of supervision.

Delay of Loan Compensation Rules

arrow May 25, 2013 deadline to comment on CFPB's proposed rule delaying the restriction of loan originator compensation until June 1, 2013.

Bank Fees

arrow May 6, 2013 NCLC comments supporting collection of data on overdraft, monthly and ATM fees

Student Loan Disability Discharges

arrow May 3, 2013 deadline to comment on Department of Education's total and permanent disability discharge form for student loan borrowers. NCLC Comments.

Private Student Loan Repayment Options

arrow April 8, 2013 deadline to submit comments to the CFPB on ideas to expand repayment options available to private student loan borrowers, including modifications and refinancing. NCLC Comments. Shorter Coalition Comments.

Financial Products Marketed to College Students

arrow March 18, 2013 deadline to submit comments to the CFPB about financial products and services marketed to higher education students and how partnerships between schools and financial institutions can promote positive financial decisionmaking. NCLC comments.

Used Car Rule

arrow March 13, 2013 deadline to submit comments to the FTC on proposed changes to the required "Buyer's Guide" disclosures for used car sales. NCLC Comments.

Door-to-Door Sales Rule

arrow  March 4, 2013 deadline to comment on FTC's proposal to increase from $25 to $130 the trigger for right to cancel a door-to-door sales contract.


arrow Feb. 25, 2013 deadline to submit comments to the CFPB about the proposal to revise ability-to-pay standards for mortgages. The CFPB is soliciting comment specifically on loan originator compensation related to ability-to-pay and a number of exemptions from the new standards. Model comment letter. NCLC Comments.

Credit Cards

arrow Feb. 19, 2013 deadline to submit comments to the CFPB about the credit card market and the impact of the Credit CARD Act of 2009. NCLC Comments

CFPB Trial Disclosures

arrow Feb. 15, 2013 deadline to submit comments to the CFPB about its proposal to waive disclosure requirements for companies engaged in pilot programs to test new forms of disclosures.

Tax liability for discharged debt

arrow March 4, 2013 deadline to submit comments to the IRS on whether governmental and certain financial entities should issue a Form 1099-C when debt is no longer being collected.


arrow Jan. 15 and 30, 2013 deadline to comment on CFPB's proposed amendments to its remittance rules. Comments on the proposed delay of the effective date for the remittance rules are due January 15. Comments on the proposed rule on disclosure of fees and taxes, and liability for errors, are due January 30. NCLC Comments.

Credit Cards and Household Income

arrow January 7, 2013 deadline to comment on proposed CFPB rules amending ability-to-pay requirements to permit consideration of household income. NCLC Comments.

FDIC Underbanked Survey

arrow Dec. 18, 2012 deadline to comment on survey that will be conducted in 2013 to identify efforts by financial institutions to reach underbanked, factors that impede access to bank accounts, and the size of the unbanked market.

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