Model State Laws

Fair Arbitration

The Model State Consumer and Employee Justice Enforcement Act, April 2015

Car Sales and Financing

Making Repossessions Safer and Fairer: Model Consumer Amendments to Uniform Commercial Code Article 9, June 2016

Debt Collection
 and Debt Settlement

Model Family Financial Protection Act, November 2015
Statute of Limitations Reform Act, November 2015
NCLC/Consumers Union model state law for debt settlement
, January 2011


Foreclosure Mediation

Model Foreclosure Mediation/Diversion Statute (Judicial Foreclosure State)

Model Foreclosure Mediation/Diversion Statute (Non Judicial Foreclosure State)

Model Statute: Requirement for Loan Modification Analysis/Loss Mitigation Before Foreclosure

Memorandum on Federal and State Constitutional Issues Related to Foreclosure Mediation/Diversion

Model Form for Summary Data of Loan Modifications from Mediations/Conference

Mortgage Servicing

Model State Law on Mortgage Servicing: An Outline, December 2010

Manufactured Homes

AARP: Manufactured Housing Tenants: Shifting the Balance of Power, June 2004

Promoting Resident Purchase Opportunities (Policy Guide with model law and full text of existing laws)

Protecting Fundamental Freedoms in Communities (Policy Guide with model law and Appendix - full text of state laws)

Payday Loans and Usury

Small Dollar Loan Products Scorecard (50 state survey), Press Release, Statutory Backup

Payroll Cards

Consumers Union and NCLC Model State Payroll Card Law

Tax Consumer Issues

Revised Model Individual Tax Preparer Regulation Act, Nov. 2013

Revised Model Refund Anticipation Loan Act with Commentary

Unfair and Deceptive Practices

Consumer Protection in the States: A 50-State Report on Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices Statutes, February 2009; Press Release; State-by-State Analysis of State UDAP Statutes


Model Consumer Credit Act (1973)

National Consumer Act (1970)