Sample Documents and Practice Aids

Sample Documents from Foreclosure Prevention Counseling (3d ed. 2013)

Appendix A: Sample Forms

A.1: Foreclosure Prevention Intake Form

A.2: Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Checklist

A.3: Sample Authorization to Release Information

A.4: Sample Request for Information from Loan Servicer

A.5: Sample Request for Information / Notice of Error Under RESPA

A.6: Homeowner’s Checklist for Avoiding Foreclosure

Appendix B: Sample Loan and Other Documents


B.1: Sample Mortgage

B.2: Sample Promissory Note (Fixed)

B.3: Sample Promissory Note (Adjustable)

B.4: Sample Change Rate Notice for ARM

B.5: Sample Annual Escrow Account Statement

B.6: Sample Notice as to Change of Service

B.7: Sample Notice as to Assignment, Sale, or Transfer of Ownership of Mortgage Loan

Appendix C: FDIC Loan and NPV Test Documents


C.1: FDIC NPV Test

C.2: Sample FDIC Loan Modification Agreement

C.3: FDIC Loan Modification / NPV Example

Sample Letters

arrowExample of a Qualified Written Request (p 97)  

arrowSample Hardship Letter (pp 100-101)  

arrowSample “Cease Debt Collection Communication” Letter (p 80)  

arrowSample Credit Card Billing Error Dispute Letter (p 248)

Practice Aids

arrowLoan Calculator (Excel spreadsheet)

arrowFollow the Paper Trail: Anatomy of a Securitization (Prepared by NEDAP)

arrowSchedule of Standard Attorney Fees Approved by HUD & Investors

arrowFinding Pooling and Servicing Agreements for Securitized Mortgage Loans

arrowAnswer Sheet to Chapter 3 Questions (Appendix H)

arrowLoan Note (p 40)

arrowChecklist: Identifying a Predatory Mortgage Loan (p 41)

arrowThirteen Refinancing Rules for Homeowners (p 73)

arrowLoan Information Worksheet (pp 93-94)

arrowHow to Calculate the Reinstatement Amount, Payoff Amount (pp 94-95)

arrowThirteen Important Considerations About Bankruptcy (pp 215-216) 

Other Helpful Resources

arrowNCLC Online Bookstore



arrowRHS Regs, Handbooks, and Notices

arrowU.S. Trustee's Office

arrowVA Home Loan Guaranty Services Servicer Homepage

arrowThe Fannie Mae Single-Family Servicing Guide

arrowFreddie Mac

arrowFreddie Mac Single-Family Seller/ Servicer Guide

arrowHigher Interest Rates Are Forcing Housing Foreclosures Across The Country, PBS Online NewsHour (originally aired on June 6, 2006)