Electric and Gas

Disruption of these life-sustaining services puts lives at risk. NCLC works on federal and state policies to ensure reasonable rates and protections for low-income households.

Administrative & Regulatory Advocacy

Comments to the CA Public Utilities Commission on the Joint Motion for Settlement regarding its motion to address issue of customers' electric and natural gas service disconnection and Response to Petition for Modification, April 2014

COMPLAINT OF ENE, NCLC, ET AL. CHALLENGING BASE RETURN ON EQUITY, filed with Federal Energy Regulatory Comm'n Dec. 27, 2012

California Adopts Order to Reduce Utility Disconnections of Vulnerable Households
, April 2012

Model Settlement Protects Vulnerable Consumers from Utility Disconnections, Dec. 27, 2010

Policy Analysis

Policy Briefs, Reports & Press Releases

Comments and Testimony


Additional Resources

"Prepaid Utility Service and Revenue Decoupling" by National Resource Defense Council Energy Program Co-director Ralph Cavanagh and NCLC Senior Energy Policy Analyst John Howat published in the Electricity Policy Journal, May 2, 2012

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