Consulting Services

For those handling consumer law cases the National Consumer Law Center manuals are the place to start.  Sometimes though, the manuals alone are not enough.  In an effort to help attorneys entering a new area of consumer law or facing unusual facts, NCLC offers consulting services for attorneys.

If we can help you represent a consumer, please call the Center at 617/542-8010 and ask for John Van Alst. You can also e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Subsidized rates are sometimes available for Legal Services requests, representation of seniors in pro bono cases, and other situations.  NCLC currently offers a wide range of consulting services:

Consulting by telephone on legal issues and case strategy;

Analyzing loan/lease documents or other contracts for consumer law claims;

Drafting or reviewing of discovery and pleadings in all phases of litigation from the initial complaint to appellate briefs.

We can provide assistance to consumers only through their attorneys and can not accept consulting requests directly from consumers.


NCLC has special funding to assist advocates who are located in California, Massachusetts, Montana (if working with the state's legal services program), or Washington State, or who are representing consumers who are domestic violence survivors or age 60 or over.  Call 617 542 8010 and ask for the intake attorney.