Fair Debt Collection Practices Conference

The 2015 Fair Debt Collection Training was held March 12-13, 2015, in Washington, DC. 

The 2 day training is only for NACA members, long-time NACBA members with practices limited to consumer debtors, government attorneys, and legal aid lawyers. A tentative agenda is on the back. Private attorneys should go to www.consumeradvocates.org to join the National Association of Consumer Advocates well in advance of the training.

What last year's attendees said they liked about the training:

  • "All the CLE sessions were excellent, and the lecturers were all very passionate about their areas of practice... full of practical and useful advice for consumer advocates in private practice."
  • "The variety of presenters and presentation styles really made the time fly. The sense of community really took me aback too."
  • "Multifaceted training covering law AND practical practice tips."
  • "The legal services break out session defending consumers in state court and how debts are collected..."
  • "... made contacts with other consumer attorneys."