Online Resources for NCLC Treatises and Guides

Coming Mar. 1: NCLC Digital Library

On Mar. 1, NCLC will unveil our Digital Library, offering subscribers the full text of all their treatises online! The Digital Library will allow subscribers to easily read, browse, search, and copy-paste their treatises' chapters and appendices, as well as additional primary sources and sample pleadings. Watch for details, or see for a list of features and frequently asked questions.

Companion Websites:

Purchase of any title in NCLC's consumer law practice series includes free access to its companion website, offering the book's appendices plus hundreds of additional documents in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. Need help with login? Call 617-542-9595.

Includes NCLC eReports: Brief, Timely News Articles

Access to NCLC eReports is FREE for those who are on automatic subscription status for at least one NCLC treatise. Click here to sign up for email alerts announcing new eReports articles and other breaking developments. Click here to enroll in automatic subscription for your NCLC books.

Keyword Search:

This free search utility is designed to be used in conjunction with your print treatise. Enter a word, phrase, case name, statutory or regulatory citation, and your search results tell you the books and page numbers wherever your search terms are found, showing your terms in context.

NCLC's Online Bookstore:

Get information about or easily purchase all twenty NCLC treatises for attorneys, plus other books for consumers and counselors. The site includes searchable indexes and tables of contents of all our books in PDF format.

Quick Reference:

An alphabetical index spanning all twenty NCLC treatises. it lists over 1000 subjects and indicates the book(s) and section(s) where each subject is discussed.