Other Resources for Advocates


Helping Elderly Homeowners Victimized by Predatory Mortgage Loans

HOME A LOAN: A Quick Guide on Reverse Mortgages for Senior Advocates

Dreams Foreclosed: Saving Older Americans from Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Steps That Advocates Can Take To Help Prevent Foreclosure

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling Resources


HAMP & Loan Modification Glossary

Mortgage Servicing Terms (helpful in understanding mortgage escrow statements, loan histories, and other client account documents)


FDIC Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator
An NPV calculation may assist in evaluating the costs of loan modification compared to foreclosure.


Bankruptcy Mortgage Project
- a resource for those seeking an alternative to foreclosure through Chapter 13 bankruptcy

CFPB Mortgage Complaints


Freddie Mac 

Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/ Servicer Guide


video icon Mortgage Crisis in a Nutshell - This one-hour video explains the contributing factors to the foreclosure crisis in easy-to-understand language. Produced by NACA attorneys John Campbell and Erich Veith of the Simon Law Firm in St. Louis, Missouri.

NCLC Online Bookstore

Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight (report client problems related to the 2012 Attorney Generals settlement with large bank servicers)



RHS Regs, Handbooks, and Notices 

The Fannie Mae Single-Family Servicing Guide

U.S. Trustee's Office 

VA Home Loan Guaranty Services Servicer Homepage 


NCLC Reports - Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Edition


Advising Clients with Tax and Insurance Deficiency Notices on Reverse Mortgages Presentation and Recording by the National Legal Resource Center, February 23, 2011

HAMP Basics by Diane Thompson (NCLC), December 13, 2010

Mortgage Assistance Relief Scams: What Advocates Should Know & Updates on Regulation Presentation and Recording by Andrew Pizor (NCLC) March 10, 2010

Seniors Facing Foreclosure: Challenges and Options (Hosted with legal services in CA) Presentation and Recording by Tara Twomey (NCLC) May 28, 2009

When is Bankruptcy the Right Option for your Elderly Clients? Presentation and Recording by Geoff Walsh (NCLC) June 10, 2009